Chaos Ran Ep6 Season 2

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 Andrei's Ultimate Leveling Guide

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PostSubject: Andrei's Ultimate Leveling Guide   Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:51 pm

Hello! Chaosranatics! This is a guide all about the leveling.

1.)If you're a newly created character, you'll have +10 set and weapon and a rosary for 3D right?

2.)Go to the chicks and loot their gold until you reach level 90. Level 1-90 is in Chicks.

3.)For 90-110 go to Skating Boys which is advisable to go in Huge Arena. I'm sure you can be able to buy St.,Bk and Bus Card (FREE) right? Then go to the bus and select Huge Arena. (There are Chicks there too. So, you can go there and raise your level there instead of SG,MP,PNX Campuses.

4.)For 110-200 go to Big Boy Maso. It is advisable to use some buffs for defenses and attack damages. So you can level up more faster. Then if you are 5 rebirth and up. Go to AnotherWorld which is near the Trading Hole.


Q:Why should i go to Huge Arena instead of AnotherWorld which is faster to level with?

A:Because in AnotherWorld, mobs are more agressive. So you need to get more stronger.

Q:Is it better to level up in Chicks on Huge Arena than Campuses?

A:Yes, because you'll just go to second floor and waste less time.

Any questions? Just comment


Seize the time that you have the Rosary. Because it makes your leveling much more faster.

Do not go out at Campuses during PK time, so you don't have your items to be dropped by others who pk you.

It is advisable to have parties to level up more much much much faster.

NOTE: You should still go leveling up in Big Boy Maso for 201-250.
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Andrei's Ultimate Leveling Guide
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