Chaos Ran Ep6 Season 2

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PostSubject: [TIPS] AVOID HACKING AND SCAMMING ISSUE   Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:46 pm

To all players,
Make sure that you ask anyone else first, ask if that player is known to be a good trader/good record/etc.
Make sure that you have enough time to talk about the specific item you would like to trade/buy.
Make sure that you are ready and alert.
Make sure that the player is not aiming for a scam

We are giving you tips on how not to be a victim of hacking issue.

To all players,
Make sure you secure your account
Never jot/write down your account details
Never share your account details, e.g., username, password, pin code, e-mail
Use spare e-mail address, do not use your personal e-mail address

To all Cafe/Shop players, when creating an account make sure you secure each of the information you have entered, make a way how.
E.g., get a spare paper and cover the monitor, turn down your keyboard so they couldn't see what you are typing about, more.
When logging-in, cover your keyboard or turn it down.

To Home players, when creating and logging in an account there'd be no problem at all.

Please understand each of the information. Happy gaming!

Best regards,
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